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Guaranteed Purity Quality - Kpurity

Solomon's Seal Tea/ Dungllae Tea 둥굴레차

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We all know the soulful comfort of an herbal tea, especially when temperatures quickly drop. The esteemed gentle herb Solomon’s Seal makes a wonderful tea that can benefit respiratory health, muscular-skeletal fitness, and feminine support, among other benefits.

How To Prepare Solomon's Seal Tea

Cultures worldwide have sipped this herbal tea, or infused it into water tonics, for thousands of years. Two ways to prepare your tea are to use the dried root, or to infuse a prepared tincture into your favorite herbal tea.

  • Using ground organic dried Solomon’s Seal root 
    Place ½ teaspoon into 8-12 ounces of pre-boiled water. Let set while the kernels puff up and sink. Sip slowly and thoughtfully as a hot tea. You can even chew on the soft nuggets. For a cold tea simply let sit in refrigerator overnight. Taste: mild, slightly nutty and sweet. Solomon’s Seal tea made from ground dried root is especially beneficial for respiratory health because of its demulcent/mucilaginous qualities.
  • Using Solomon’s Seal tincture

Place 7-15 Solomon’s Seal tincture drops into your favorite cup of herbal tea. Sip and enjoy (either hot or cold). Taste: Your tea will retain its herbal flavor and still provide the excellent benefits of the tincture.

Consumer Tips:

  • Availability & Cost: Organic Solomon’s Seal root is expensive if one is to consider grinding it for tea. The problem is finding a trustworthy organic source on the Internet (we should know!). For this reason, using a concentrated tincture is probably most cost-effective and more diverse.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: for best mucilaginous qualities use ground root; the tincture provides broader benefits as discussed in this article.
  • Frequency of Use: up to 3 cups per day (you may pee a little bit more, however!)

Special Note: Do not use a Solomon’s Seal tincture made with a glycerin base, not alcohol. Reason? The medicinal benefits can only be extracted with alcohol. (Here is a good article to understand why) Additionally, use extreme caution if using Solomon’s Seal root or teas derived in Asia, including Korea, even if claimed organic. Unfortunately, there is corruption in certifications of organically grown herbs in China, and teas are known to have extensive powdered fillers added to the blend.