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Guaranteed Purity Quality - Kpurity
Guaranteed Purity Quality - Kpurity

Kpurity Sweet Cabbage Extract (100ml x 30packs)

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100% Stomach Support Powered by 100% Organic Juice 

It’s not easy to carry around these essential vegetables to maintain your proper nutrition, so we blended them all together in these convenient, easy to carry pouches.

-       100% organic Cabbage, Broccoli, Apple, and Wild Ginseng juice cold temperature extracted to reduce nutrient loss during production

-       Contains essential vitamins A, B, C, E, and U

-       Loaded with dietary fiber which helps with stomach cleansing, bowel improvement, and improving symptoms of constipation

-       Calcium and iron-rich helps reduce osteoporosis, build/maintain stronger bones

-       Polyphenol-high concentration permits better/proper absorption as broccoli and cabbage share a symbiotic relationship, same parent plant species Brassica Oleracea

-       Antioxidant properties beta-carotene and selenium

-       Vitamin U linked to reducing peptic ulcers, gastritis, and colitis

-       Improved blood circulation and encourages white blood cell production

-       Broccoli is loaded with Glucosinolates, powerful free-radical fighters


Drink 1-2 pouches daily. For best taste keep stored at 40 degrees F( 4C) 


Ingredients: Green Cabbage Extract 79%, Broccoli Extract 10%, Apple Extract 10%, Wild Ginseng Extract 1%

The boxed set contains 30 individual 100ml pouches

A product of South Korea, manufactured by Hamyang at their HAACP certified facility