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Guaranteed Purity Quality - Kpurity
Guaranteed Purity Quality - Kpurity

[2+1] 3 Boxes NaturalPlus Postbiotics Bifidobacterium Vitamins Minerals Lactobacillus 5,000mg x 30 Sticks

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Na+uralPlus Postbiotics Lactobacillus 5,000mg x 30 Sticks - A health functional food Change your tomorrow with healthy new habits today!

  • Since harmful bacteria in the intestines increases with age, it is recommended to increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestines by ingesting lactic acid bacteria. Intake of PostBiotics Plus helps protect and improve our gut health.

  • How to take: Once a day, take 1 packet at a time with water.

  • Contains: 5g x 30packets (150g)

  • From improving the intestinal environment to vitamins and minerals beneficial to your body… take PostBiotics Plus!

    Post biotics Plus is a new biotic that combines probiotics and prebiotics. Contains Lactobacillus gasseri and Lactobacillus reuteri derived from mother's milk.

    It can help proliferate beneficial bacteria in your intestines. It can help smooth bowel movements. Helps increase beneficial bacteria and reduce harmful bacteria.

    Fructo-oligosaccharides serve as a nutrient source for beneficial bacteria in the intestine, helping to grow and proliferate, thereby improving the intestinal environment.

    Na+uralPlus PostBiotics Plus contains Lactobacillus from the Rosell Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics, a global lactic acid bacteria company. Rosell lactobacillus is a division of LALLEMAND Health Solutions, a professional probiotic company with world-class technology.

    ROSELL Lactobacillus US Patent No. US 7,157,258,82